VC Research notes #01

July 7, 2011
  •  “IPOs, trade sales and liquidations: modelling venture capital exits using survival analysis” , Pierre Giot, Armin Schwienbacher (2005) – excellent treatise of US VC funds exit options ( Time-To-{IPO, Trade Sale, Liquidation} ) using survival analysis.
  • “The quantitative economics of Venture Capital” , Robert E. Hall, Susan E. Woodward (2007)
Research Questions:
  • Supply and demand equilibrium dynamics in venture capital markets. The case of Angellist.
  • What influences VC investitors to invest outside of their “preferred habitat” ?
  • VC risk diversification and impact to geographical distribution of investments
  • Exit preferences of VC’s in startup companies and it’s impact to company policy in light of financial results
  • Industry survey of factors influencing early-stage Angel and VC investments
  • Risk and Reward preferences of Angel vs Venture Capital investors and it’s contributions to company success
  • Are Angels informed gamblers and VC’s lemmings ?
  • Portfolio Management practice differences between Angel and Venture Capital investors ?


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