continuations on & on …

May 8, 2011

random notes on continuation-style programming:

  • The idea of continuations makes a lot of sense when building state-machine-encodable applications. This is particularly interesting nowadays when developing “modern” stateful Javascript applications.
  • (of course, let’s not forget that with continuations being just a functional goto’s ūüôā – Dijkstra would probably have a few words to say on the topic.)
  • “… and times being what they are …”
  • Anyhow – the big question here is the one of RESTful continuations.
  • Assuming a naive¬†implementation – this assumes introducing state on the service side, which is contrary to the REST concepts.
  • Of course – this is not necessary so, as state can be transfered to client and posted/updated with every request, etc …
  • (good writing on the subject :¬†Web Programming with Continuations, William E. Byrd (2002)¬†)
  • Another semi-related one: Automatically Restructuring Programs for the Web
  • Everyone loves Apache Cocoon‘s¬†support¬†for continuation-style …
  • General concern is along the traditional lines of web services and dealing with async callbacks, usage of closures, etc..
  • Remembering Appel’s seminal paper : Continuation-Passing, Closure-Passing Style.
  • Finally – an excellent presentation on the subject :¬†Continuations continued: the REST of the computation

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