daily snapshot | 5 february 2011

February 5, 2011

  • Experimenting with node.js in creating simple in-memory micro-data aggregation & classification engine
  • “As more and more people start generating social content – game-theoretical analysis becomes a necessity”
  • Event loop as a general mean of achieving cost-effective scalability. Distributed event provider/handlers ? Means of achieving (decentralized) distributed polling ?
  • Impact of javascript and “modern” web on the perception of “efficiency” of modern hardware ? As time progresses – we expect the Moore to work it’s magic and keep improving the speed of computing. However – most of the time the average consumer spends on a computer is within the browser and we’re seeing developers being “creative” with all sorts of flashy .js often built in non-optimized manner. This is resulting in the fact that as we move forward – benefits of hardware improvements are resulting in sublinear improvements in the perceived average speed for the consumer.
  • “Unoptimized JavaScript is killing Gordon Moore – one wasted cycle at the time”

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